Hey, tumblr! To advertise the release of our upcoming "Trauma" EP, tentatively due November 25th, we’ve partnered with tumblr users demented-sheep and karcuttle to do a giveaway to spread the word as far as we can!


  • 1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER will have the choice of one free plush commission from Karcuttle or a 50 dollar commission credit from demented-sheep! Along with their choice they’ll receive 1 “Coma Kid” promo shirt, 2 Trauma stickers, and a free digital copy of our upcoming EP upon release.
  • 1 RUNNER UP GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive the remaining choice along with 1 “Coma Kid” promo shirt, 2 Trauma stickers, and a free digital copy of our upcoming EP upon release.
  • 10 THIRD PRIZE WINNERS will receive 1 “Coma Kid” promo shirt and a free digital copy of our upcoming EP upon release.
  • 25 WINNERS will receive 2 Trauma stickers and a free digital copy of our upcoming EP.
  • 50 WINNERS will receive a free digital single + acoustic B-side.

That’s a total of 87 winners, with a ton of prizes to make sure everyone gets something worthwhile! Now, how are you gonna get these prizes? It’s not too hard.


  • Only reblogs will count as entries. Likes mean nothing.
  • You must be following thecomakids on tumblr. If, after the giveaway, you’ve decided we’re not your thing, you can unfollow us, we won’t hold it against you. If the blog you reblog this on isn’t your main, message us so we know you’re following us through that.
  • The giveaway ends on October 1st. Reblogs after that date won’t count. But you still have plenty of time.
  • This is all free! We’ll pay for shipping, you’re fine wherever you are.
  • If you’re not comfortable giving us your address that’s fine, don’t sweat it. You’re still eligible for the commission credit from demented-sheep and the digital copy of our EP.

What can you do while you wait to win? Well, you can check us out on Facebook and download two free songs from the upcoming EP, or you can reblog this post to get a third song we’re not releasing in any other way. None of these are required for the giveaway, but if you want free music regardless of whether or not you win, it can’t hurt to check them out.

Winners will be contacted October 11th. Good luck to everyone who enters!

When you’re planning an NSFW RP with someone

Here on tumblr there is no September. October has consumed it to give us 61 days of spooky.

Guys I adopted a kitten!!

His name is Nelson look how cute he is!!!!

PorKat: A Tempered Flare

Summary: Karkat, while trying to distance himself from the relationship drama plaguing the rest of his friends, seeks solitude in the depths of the passing dream bubble, but instead finds solace in Porrim’s unlikely support.

Rating: SFW

Word Count: 2830

Literally the only reason I did this: I just want other people to like this ship as much as I do. 

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This roleplaying site asks some heavy questions.


FINALLY finished this for Daniel [super late b-day present, but i GOT IT!!!!]



We’re going out to dinner!!!!!

Anonymous asked: Hey you seem like a really positive, smart person, but just thought I'd let you know: "queer" is a slur, and some people aren't ok with that word. It would be great if you could use "lgbt" instead. Thanks!

Alright. I’ve heard mixed opinions on the matter, and I don’t really remember when I’ve used it before, but I’ll make it a conscious point to avoid it in the future.

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