Went to go see Night Verses and Protest the Hero last night. On a whim, I asked Night Verses’ lead singer Douglas Robinson to come hang out with Eric and I after the show and ended up shooting the shit and playing guitar with one of the most humble, talented dudes I’ve ever met.

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To anyone who’s been wondering what I’ve been doing with that band I keep talking about, here’s an acoustic version of one of the songs we’ll be releasing.

If you feel like it, you can like us on Facebook here.

I mean, I’m all for equality, but when I grow up, and I have kids, I don’t know if I’d be comfortable with them being taught by a… y’know… Republican.

In the studio today recording guitars for The Coma Kids EP.

For everyone I’ve seen lately saying “I want a show with _____.” I just thought you should know that there’s a show out there that’s probably already done it.

For anyone interested on how recording is going for my band’s EP, I set up a tumblr over here. Other than that, I’ll still post anything important on this blog.

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